Promotional Swag

Are you looking to order branded materials such as ESD clothing, pens and pencils, table cloths, retractable banners, and more? Follow the directions on this page to get started.

Approval Required

Anything staff create for external distribution must be reviewed and approved by the Communications Department before it goes out to the public to assure it meets the ESD’s professional branding standards. This includes everything from promotional items (pens, table cloths, banners, etc.) to printed and electronic materials (flyers, rack cards, etc.).  Paying for these items is responsibility of the requesting program or department. Keep reading for more details.

  1. Reserve (Check Out) Branded Materials for an Upcoming Event (table cloths, retractable banners, etc.)
  2. Order new ESD-Branded Materials
  3. Clothing Orders

DO THIS: When You Want to Check-Out ESD Marketing Resources

esd table clothDid you know we have several display and marketing items available for departments to check out and use at events and booths? These items are a limited resource, available to all ESD 123 departments.

Step 1: Confirm the item you would like to check-out is available

Review the list of items available for check-out and find the item you want from this Marketing Materials & Resources spreadsheet. Next to the item you can see if it is scheduled to be used by anyone else and when.

Step 2: Contact the Communications Department with the item you’d like to check out and the date(s) you will need it

If the item you want to use is available, contact the Communications Department at [email protected] to let us know which item(s) and date(s) you are requesting. Be sure to include the item, the day you want to pick it up from the ESD, and the day you plan to return it in your request. Please limit the length of time items are checked-out to no more than one week.

Step 3: Accept the calendar invitation from the Communications Department confirming your reservation

After we receive your request, the Communications Department will send you a calendar invitation confirming the date you will pick up and return the item(s).

Step 4: Pick-up and return the item

The Communications team will let you know when and where you can pick-up and return the item(s).

Note: Lost or damaged items

It is the department’s responsibility to maintain items when in their care, however, sometimes accidents happen! If an item is lost or damaged, please let Molly or Emily know of the damage. If this necessitates re-purchasing an item, the cost will be invoiced to the department. If the materials are damaged, the employee’s department/program will be responsible for all repair and/or replacement costs that do not result from damage due to negligence or misconduct. Employees are responsible for any intentional damage to items and/or damage resulting from gross negligence by the employee or any member of the employee’s family. Damage or theft that occurs outside the employee’s control will be covered by the ESD 123 insurance policy.

DO THIS: When You Want to Order New Branded Items

Step 1: Find items to order

  1. A typical order will take 21-28 business days from start to finish. Please plan accordingly.
  2. Identify the vendor from which you want to purchase (see note below)
  3. Find the specific items you want to order (pens, water bottles, etc.)**
  4. Determine the quantity you want to order.

Step 2: Determine design for items (we are available to help!)

  • Determine what design you would like on your item(s).
  • We can help provide you with the correct version of the ESD 123 logo, and/or help you with other design assistance if needed.
  • Be aware that ordering products with unique designs which have not been previously printed through a particular vendor may incur additional costs.

Step 3: Submit the Promotional Product Ordering Form

  • Use the information you identified above to complete the ESD Promotional Product Ordering Form
  • Information you will need to complete the form:
    • Item names and numbers
    • Links to items on chosen vendor website
    • Quantity
    • Design/imprint choice
    • Product color and imprint color
    • Full department account number

Step 4: Communications Department reviews order form submission

  • Upon receiving your order form, the Communications Department will:
    1. Respond to you with verification and any remaining questions
    2. Contact your department assistant to request a Purchase Order or use of their agency p-card
  • After receiving your department purchase information (copy of Purchase Order or use of p-card) and approval of artwork proof, the Communications Department will place the order using our [email protected] account.
    • We will review proofs for branding standards and share them with you for approval
    • Any invoices received by the Communications Department will be forwarded to the Department Assistant to process.

Step 5: Receive Your Order

  1. Any invoices received by the Communications Department will be forwarded to the Department Assistant to process
  2. Orders will ship addressed to the attention of the Department Assistant
  3. It is your department’s responsibility to ensure the signed invoice and evidence of items received (e.g., signed & dated packing slips) is submitted to accounts payable

Plan ahead as much as possible

Keep in mind that between ordering, design work, and shipping, the process for ordering promotional items does take time. We recommend ordering items as soon as possible for events you know are coming up in the year. Also, please remember that programs with specific grant deadlines when money must be spent (often times by June 30th) need to have orders placed by early April to assure everything makes it in time!
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