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Contact me to:

Jack Morris Technology Director 544-5732
  • Planning and/or facilitating workspace moves or setup at off campus locations
  • Request a workstation for new staff or request a move for current staff on the ESD 123 campus
Jess Howard System Support 544-5733
  • Reserve a meeting room

organization chart iconWho’s Where at ESD 123?

Looking for someone at the ESD 123 campus? Check the office map, available here.


Using ESD Meeting Rooms

Conference Rooms

The ESD 123 office in Pasco provides nine unique conference rooms to hold education-focused meetings or events, as well as internal meetings or workspaces.

Large conference rooms (appropriate for large events, workshops)

  • Cascade Rooms 1, 2, and 3
  • Blue Mountain Room

Other conference rooms (appropriate for small events, internal and external meetings)

  • Palouse Room
  • Columbia Room
  • Classroom for the Future
  • Tucannon Room
  • Grand Ronde

Reserve a Room

chair iconBe sure to always reserve a conference room before using it, even for same-day meetings! To reserve a meeting room, you must have a corresponding Outlook invitation sent to the calendar for the specific room. This is to avoid confusion since our rooms are often in high demand and sometimes multiple groups are looking for the same spaces.

If you can see on the room calendar that the space is not in use, and you have sent the invitation to the meeting space through Outlook, you should safely assume that the space is ready for you to use. The Outlook calendars will always be the most up-to-date reference for available rooms.

Hosting an Event

Please keep the following responsibilities in mind as your department hosts meetings or events:

  • Reserve the room as soon as possible.
  • Need equipment and/or technology support for your event? Include your request in the room reservation email and contact the Tech team. Find the list of equipment available here.
  • Making coffee: Only those who have been trained on the safe use of the machines are allowed to make coffee upstairs on the large coffee brewers. If you need training, please see Jess Howard.
  • Catering your event: Events with meals or refreshments must be authorized according to policy and with a refreshment form submitted to fiscal.  Find the policy, form, and more instructions on the Intranet under Fiscal and Contracts, Catering. 
  • Airwalls in the Cascade Rooms: Moving airwalls can be dangerous, and stationary airwalls are also dangerous if they are not set correctly. Do not attempt to do it yourself! Contact someone on the Facilities team if an airwall needs to be moved.
  • Floor boxes: Be careful not to squish cords in floor box doors. If you aren’t sure how the floor box windows work, please call the Technology team.

Clean Up After Events

It is the responsibility of the hosting department to tidy up after any meeting. Please make sure to do the following after any event:

  • Clean up trash: Pick up any garbage from the room and leave it in the trash receptacles.
  • Clean tables: Wipe down any tables your group used. Cleaning supplies are kept in each room, but if these are missing, please contact Facilities.
  • Erase whiteboards: Anything left on a whiteboard needs to have an intention. If you aren’t going to be the next group using the room again, it needs to be erased.

Room Configuration

Unless there is a specific arrangement for the next use of the room, tables and chairs should be set in their default configuration. Please be sure to reset rooms to default after your event. Each of our large spaces also have a default layout drawing in either the furthest right drawer or a cupboard.

Other Employee Spaces

Employee Lounge

lunch iconEnjoy your lunch or take a break in our employee lounge. Refrigerators and microwaves are available for your use. The lounge is located on the northwest side of the Administration Building.

Staff Workroom

The Staff Workroom is located in the Administration building, next to the Employee Lounge. In the workroom you can find:

  • Admin Copier and Staff Plotter
  • Laminator: Instructions to use the laminator are printed out next to it. The key is located in the Teaching & Learning Assistant’s area.
  • Paper cutters
  • ESD 123 envelopes
  • Paper supplies

Mail Room

The mail room is located near the ECEAP entrance of the Administration building. It houses the postage machine, as well as certified mail cards and receipts.


In addition to the employee lounge, there are kitchens on each floor of the Professional Development Center. Supplies for conference rooms coffee and water service are available in the kitchens. Please see your department administrative assistant or a member of the Facilities team for training on the use of the equipment.

NOTE: Coffee service is available to ESD 123 employees for a small monthly charge, which can be conveniently deducted from your paycheck. Learn more about the Coffee Club here.

Family Room

We are committed to providing a supportive environment that enables nursing mothers to express milk in private place and with reasonable break times. The Family Room, located at the ECEAP entrance of the Administration building, is a private space dedicated for this purpose. Employees may use their regular scheduled break or lunch to pump milk. If additional breaks are needed, please reach out to your supervisor or HR to discuss any special arrangements that can be made.

Scent-Free Work Environment

ESD 123 strives to ensure the safety and comfort of staff and visitors by maintaining a scent-free environment. Scented products like perfume/cologne, body spray, lotion, hair products, etc. cannot be used or worn by staff, as they can cause serious problems for many people.

In addition, only approved, fragrance-free cleaning products are to be used or stored in ESD 123 workplaces, including remote work sites. Supplies are provided by our Facilities team, but if programs need to purchase cleaning products, please see the Approved Products List at http://a.co/ixUVHVT.

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