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ESD 123 Consortium
E-rate RFP
Funding Year 2024
ESD 123-Erate-2024
Release Date: December 27, 2023

Prepared by: Charlie Jackson, E-rate Consultant
[email protected]

ESD 123 Consortium 

Dear Service Provider:

Thank you for interest in the E-rate RFP for the ESD 123 Consortium. There are 11 school district members of the consortium included in this RFP. In this RFP, there are two sections.

Section One
includes: Category 1 (Telecommunications and Internet Services) as well as Category 2 Hardware and Cabling. Within this section, each consortium member has its own “Entity Information Page” describing the products and services it is seeking.

Section Two includes: Category 2 installation of hardware. Within this section, each consortium member seeking hardware installation has its own “Entity Information Page” describing the installation services it is seeking.

Proposals will be submitted by services providers to each school district, and vendor selections will be made by each school district. Service providers can pick the districts and projects they wish to respond to. Proposals for hardware and installation of hardware may be bid separately. Districts have the option to select different hardware and installation service providers. 

To assist you, in this RFP you will find:
  • Information Sheets for each Consortium member, containing:
    • Detailed information for products/services being sought
      • When there are existing month-to-month services for which competing prices are sought, they will be identified as “existing”
    • Contact information for the entity
  • Service Provider Qualification Form – must be completed and submitted with your quote/proposal
  • Service Provider Assurance Form – must be completed and submitted with your quote/proposal
  • Service Provider Certifications on Prevailing Wage, Suspension and Debarment, and Other State of Washington Public Works Requirements – must be completed and submitted with your quote/proposal
  • Cabling Requirements – must be completed and submitted with your cabling quote/proposal. A cabling specification may be available from the school’s contact person.
  • Dark-Lit Fiber Service Proposal Requirements – must be completed and submitted with your dark and or lit fiber proposal.
  • Master Contract Information – Per SLD, a master contract is “a contract negotiated by a third party, the terms and conditions of which are then made available to an eligible entity that purchases directly from the service provider.” Use of a master contract to provide pricing is allowed. Use this form to indicate the name and or number of the contract, as well as start and end dates, and web address. 
  • Sample E-rate Contract Letter – This or a similar document will be completed and returned to the service provider for counter-signature if service provider is selected.


Contacting schools can only be done initially via email, and contacts may only be with the person(s) listed on the district information sheet. Please note, if there are two E-rate Contacts listed, please send an email to all E-rate contacts.

All emails must have in the subject line:

ESD 123 Consortium, Y 2024 E-rate RFP

Failure to do so will result in a non-response.

Once an initial contact is made, telephone calls and or site visits will be made at the discretion of the school contact. The E-rate contact will notify you if a site visit for service providers has been scheduled.


It is recommended that proposals, quotes, etc. be submitted no later than January 25, 2024. There are no assurances that proposals, quotes, etc., received after that time will be reviewed.

All proposals, quotes, etc. are to be submitted via email to the district E-rate contact person(s) AND to the ESD 123 E-rate consultant, Charlie Jackson ([email protected]).


All proposals will be reviewed and selected by individual districts/entities. Identification of winning service providers will be done using a Bid Evaluation Matrix. Although cost will be the highest ranked factor on the matrix, the intent of the Bid Evaluation Matrix is to identify the most cost-effective quote or RFP response. Bid Evaluation Matrices to be used will be found within each entity’s information sheet or in the Appendix of this RFP.


For your questions concerning the ESD 123 Consortium, please contact Charlie Jackson ([email protected]; 404-985-9696).
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