Migrant Education Consortium

The Migrant Education Consortium identifies migratory children as those students whose education has been interrupted during the previous 36 months due to a move for the purpose of finding seasonal or temporary work in agriculture or fishing. The Consortium serves the needs of migrant students and families in Columbia, Finley, Prescott, and Richland School Districts. The mobile lifestyle of a migrant family faces numerous barriers; migrant children miss school because they or their parents are migratory agricultural or fishery workers, they tend to have more health related issues, and can be credit deficient.

The MEP Consortium assures that all eligible migrant students receive appropriate supplemental services to help migrant students to reach their academic potential through support of a Migrant Student Advocate. The Migrant Education Consortium also serves families through the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) meetings at each of the school districts participating in the Consortium. PAC nights are for any family with a current COE (certificate of eligibility) with the Migrant Education Program in their school district. During these meetings, parents are provided with updates and district statistics pertaining to migrant students. Additionally, community partners often present during PAC meetings about services available to families.

If you might qualify for these services, please contact Thanya Valdovinos at (509) 873-2771.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about specific advocate migrant services in Richland, please contact Maria Zuniga at (509) 380-7917. For services in Columbia, Finley, and Prescott, please contact Thanya Valdovinos at (509) 873-2711.

Districts Served:
  • Columbia Burbank
  • Finley
  • Prescott
  • Richland

Want to learn more?

Lupe Mota
Migrant Education Administrator
[email protected]

Lisa Lopez
Migrant Program Administrative Assistant/Consortium Records Clerk
[email protected]

Maria Zuniga
Migrant Student & Family Advocate - Serving Richland, Burbank, and Finley
[email protected]

Thanya Valdovinos
Migrant Consortium Advocate (serving Columbia, Finley, and Prescott) and Recruiter (serving Columbia, Finley, Prescott, and Richland)
[email protected]

Lucy Fernandez
Migrant Nurse Case Manager
[email protected]

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