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Jack Morris
Technology Director
  • Order technology equipment
Help Desk

  • Troubleshoot technology issues
  • Get help with meeting room technology set up

Help Desk

If you need IT hardware or software help, email the Technology Help Desk or call 509.544.5731 to connect to the next available member of the Tech team.

The Help Desk email will send you an automated reply within minutes, indicating that a service ticket has been opened on your behalf. You will continue to communicate with IT through that system until your issue is resolved.

Printing & Postage

If you need assistance connecting to or troubleshooting an ESD printer, and/or using the postage machine at our Court Street campus, please contact our Tech Team.

Copiers & Plotter Printer

In addition to department printers, there are two copiers available for large & color print jobs, copying, and scanning:

  • The Admin Copier is located in the Staff Workroom.
  • The PDC Copier is located on the first floor of the PDC building next to the kitchen.

Employees can scan their badges at the front of the copiers to login to scan or copy documents.

For poster and oversized printing, the Staff Color Plotter in the Staff Workroom is available for use for printing up to 44.25” x 3582.86”.  

Event Equipment

Numbers in parentheses indicate the quantity available. If the quantity is not listed, we have that item in ample quantity. 

  • Lapel microphones (qty.)
  • Hand-held microphones and microphone stands (qty.)
  • ProWise boards (qty.)
  • Loaner laptops / computer lab (20)

Internet Use & Email Etiquette

Instructions for setting up your email signature on your computer or smart phone.

Please use common sense and exercise good judgment when it comes to using the internet at work. Please ensure internet is being used only for work purposes.

Our world relies more and more on email communication, so it is important to follow the basics of email etiquette when you are representing ESD 123. Here are some simple email tips that all ESD 123 associates are required to follow to communicate effectively with colleagues and customers.

Email DOs and DON’Ts:

  • Be courteous. Communicate professionally and acknowledge emails in a timely manner.
  • Address your contact with the appropriate level of formality.
  • Check the subject and sender fields for accuracy.
  • Use proper spelling, grammar and sentence structure. You can set Outlook to automatically check your email for spelling and grammar errors (File >> Options >> Mail >> Spelling and Autocorrect).
  • Only use the “Reply to All” option when necessary. Usually, replying to just the sender is the best choice.
  • Use ESD 123 approved fonts ONLY. Review the ESD 123 Graphic Standards Guide here.
  • Always include a subject. Leaving the subject blank can get your email flagged as spam.
  • Always conclude emails with the ESD 123 standard signature.
  • DO NOT TYPE IN ALL CAPS! It’s the equivalent of yelling. Instead, bold your type for proper emphasis.
  • Do not use patterned backgrounds or unapproved quotes/sayings. Avoid overusing emoticons and multiple colors.
  • Do not use text abbreviations [ex. TTYL (talk to you later) NP (no problem), JK (just kidding), IDK (I don't know)].
  • Do not use Return Receipt (RR) on every email. It is viewed as intrusive and/or annoying.
  • When to use the Cc: and BCc: fields:
    • Use the “To” Field: For those from whom you would like a response.
    • Use the “Cc” Field: When it is important for those recipients to simply know about the contents of the email, but you don’t need a response from them.
    • Use the “BCc” Field: To send copies of an email to a hidden recipient, OR when emailing a large group of email addresses, to protect the identity of the others.
  • Set your out of office automatic reply to both internal and external emails when gone for more than one day. In Outlook, simply select (File >> Automatic Reply) and follow the prompts.


You have free access to the Zoom videoconferencing system. If you need help creating an account or getting started with Zoom, contact the Help Desk.

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