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ESD 123 Communications Points of Contact

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Contact me to:

Molly Curtiss Director of Communications 544-5787
  • Design or review materials (fliers, newsletters, brochures, etc.)
  • Order promotional 'swag' (banners, signs, t-shirts, pens, etc.)
  • Highlight an event, activity, or story on the ESD website, social media, or local news
  • Request help with a communication project
Emily Noyes Communications Specialist 537-1703
  • Edit content on the ESD website
  • Troubleshoot email signatures

Carmine Hanks

Communications Associate 544-5719 
  • Order business cards

Contact Us for Assistance:

  1. Submit your materials for review to ESD 123 Communications via email at [email protected];
  2. Complete the ESD Communications Request Form

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The ESD 123 Brand

The brand of an organization is much more than coordinated colors and fonts. A strong brand creates instant recognition in the minds of those we serve. The visual identity of ESD 123 establishes our agency as a unified and professional team.

Graphic Standards

Whether you are creating an electronic presentation, designing a brochure, planning an event, or creating a memo, the ESD 123 Graphic Standards Guide can help you produce communications that represent the ESD 123 personality and beliefs.

ESD 123 logoLogo

The ESD 123 logo must appear on all materials representing the ESD. We have logos available to download in a variety of styles here.


The two colors that comprise the ESD 123 logo are Black and Pantone 308 U. A secondary color palette is also available to complement the primary ESD colors in ESD publications and materials.


All ESD materials (print and electronic) should be created using one or both of the agency fonts: Tahoma and Californian FB.

email signature exampleEmail Signatures

An employee’s email signature and stationery affect the tone of the correspondence and the perception of ESD 123 by the recipient. Official ESD email signatures must be included in all emails following the standard ESD 123 format or your program’s Communications Department approved email signature.

To add your signature, copy and paste from the template into Outlook, following the guide in the Graphic Standards Guide, then replace the information with your own. Instructions for setting up your signature are available here: Instructions for PC users / Instructions for Mac / Instructions for iPhone

Using Images

mother reading with daughter in bed

Finding legal images

Copyright infringement is real, and it can mean fines and even jail time for those in violation.  Not only can it spell trouble for the employee who is wrongly using a copyrighted material, it also greatly damages the reputation of the entire company.

Photo/image resources

  • Photo release forms
    • The Standard ESD Photo Release Forms (available in English and Spanish) can be found by accessing our shared ESD Google Drive.
    • Images depicting people require that a model release form be signed first. Therefore, identifiable people must give their consent for public usage of their images.
  • Websites
    • Just because you found an image online does NOT mean you have the right to use it.
    • The rule of thumb on photos is almost always: “If you did not take the photograph yourself, DON’T use it!” Employees are always encouraged to use photographs that they have taken and know are legal to use, because we have permission from the “model,” and the image is not copyrighted.
  • If you are looking for a website with images, options include:

Tools and Templates

ESD 123 Branded Templates

speech boxTelling Our Story

Sharing news & working with the media

We love to hear your stories! If you have news you would like to share about something that happened or would like help promoting an upcoming event, reach out to the communications department or submit a Communications Request Form. Please remember that the more advance notice your audience has about an upcoming opportunity, the more likely they are to engage.

All press releases and contact with the media (television, radio, newspaper, etc.) must be cleared through the ESD Superintendent’s Office. ESD employees are asked not to contact the media or agree to media interviews without first working through the Superintendent or his designee. You can call the Superintendent’s Office (509.544.5785) and/or the Communications Office (509.544.5787), and we will help you share your news.

ESD Communication Platforms

  • ESD 123 Publications
    • ESD Connected” – internal ESD 123 staff newsletter (to submit content, contact Emily Noyes)
  • Emma email
    • E-flyers
    • Newsletters
    • Mass emails
  • Social Media – be sure to follow & share ESD 123’s social media!
  • Website
    • Web banner
    • Homepage news articles
    • Program pages
  • Local media (TV, radio, newspaper)

Designing and Sharing Materials

design iconWe love to create fliers, graphics, brochures, presentations, and more! If you have something you need created for your program, please contact our Communications Team for assistance. 

If you are creating the communication...

  1. Assure that you apply our Graphic Standards to the communication, including our ESD 123 logo and colors
  2. Check that your communication includes the following
    • Title (what is it about?)
    • Contact information (whom should people contact if they have questions?)
    • If it is an event:  Date(s), time(s), location, and presenter name(s)
  3. Submit your final draft of the communication (flier, handout, etc.) BEFORE you send it out. Please remember that all materials being provided to audiences outside our ESD 123 staff must be reviewed by the Communications Team before distribution.

If you would like us to create the communication...

clock iconTiming is everything! Please contact us as soon as you become aware of the project so that we can add it to our queue and respond to your request as quickly as possible. Remember that the more advance notice your audience has about an upcoming opportunity, the more likely they are to engage.

  1. To allow time for creation and revisions, please submit requests for assistance a minimum of 10 working days before the project is needed. Bigger projects require more advanced notice.
  2. Materials promoting an event / training / activity should be distributed to your audience(s) a minimum of 30 calendar days prior to the event. Therefore, please make your request to the Communications Team at least 40 days before your event.
  3. Under most circumstances, we cannot create or review a project that is needed within 3 business days.

Sending & Distributing Communication

ESD 123’s reputation and brand are affected by many factors, including the quality and consistency of marketing materials. To ensure the highest quality and professionalism, ESD 123 staff and programs are required to seek approval from ESD 123 Communications for all marketing materials designed for external audiences, as well as highly visible materials designed for internal audiences such as banners and major signage.

Quick Tips & Reminders:

  • Double-check your work before sending materials to ESD 123 Communication for review: Be sure to proofread and check for accuracy and any copyright issues (images, any partner copyright notices such as ™ or ®). While ESD 123 Communications will alert you of any obvious errors caught while reviewing branding requirements, it is the responsibility of the department to provide accurate and compliant content.
  • Check design requirements before sending materials to a print shop: Check if the print shop has any prepress requirements, such as bleeds (extra design space beyond the trim area) and file format (e.g. PDF, .ai, etc.). ESD 123 Communications can help you meet requirements, but will not check for requirements in review.
  • Check school district guidelines before sharing materials AT schools: Check the school district’s guidelines for sharing materials at schools. Many school districts use Peachjar to manage outside requests for material distribution in schools.
  • Reach out to school districts directly to share information ON BEHALF of a school: Under usual circumstances, the ESD Communications Department will NOT write or submit information on behalf of school districts. Those wishing to recognize students, educators, programs, or services within a school district are encouraged to contact their corresponding school district administration.

See all guidelines and expectations for ESD 123 employees distributing marketing and communications materials here.

Ordering Business Cards

Business card exampleThe ESD 123 Communications Department handles the creation and ordering of business cards for all ESD 123 staff, including TC Futures and Candy Mountain Academy.

To order business cards, please send the following information (as applicable) to Carmine Hanks at [email protected]
  • Name (required)
  • Title (required)
  • Secondary title (ex. Serving 'location') 
  • Tertiary title  (ex. Se Habla Español)
  • Office Phone
  • Cell Phone
  • Fax
  • Email (required)
  • Quantity to order and approximate prices not including shipping and taxes: 100 ($14.99), 250 ($19.99), or 500 ($23.99) (required)
  • Account code to charge in this example format: 1234.56.7890.1234 (required or the order cannot proceed)


  • Please indicate if you would like to include any of the following:
    • Appointment reminder field on back side of card (this costs approximately $8 extra)
    • Physical/mailing address, if out at a district
      • Unless otherwise requested or stationed at TC Futures or Candy Mountain Academy, all business cards list the ESD 123 main office address.
This is the information that will be printed on your business cards, so please review your information for accuracy before sending.

You may request business cards at any time, but please be aware that, allowing for creation, ordering, and shipping times, business cards may take up to 3-4 weeks to arrive. Once your cards have arrived, Carmine will contact you to pick them up from the ESD 123 main office.
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