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Regional High School Art Exhibit

ESD 123 hosts the Regional High School Art Show each year. In 2020, the High School Exhibit will be held at the Byron Gjerde Center at Columbia Basin College in Pasco from February 24 to March 6. The Awards Ceremony is the culmination of the regional show and is open to the public. Following the Awards Ceremony, winners of the regional awards may advance to the state art show in Olympia.

Art exhibit displaying panels of student artwork
For more information on the Regional Art Exhibit, or to obtain a copy of the complete Exhibit Instructions & Guidelines, contact ESD 123's Art Show Coordinator, Lori Ballard, at 509-544-5740 or lballard@esd123.org.

Important 2020 Dates:

  • February 12 - Online Entry Form must be submitted by teachers to OSPI at www.k12.wa.us/Arts/ArtShow
  • February 20 - Hang/Display Art
  • February 21 - Judging (Judge’s Choice Winners)
  • February 24 - March 6 - Art Display at CBC’s Gjerde Center Atrium
  • March 4 - High School Art Show Award Ceremony, CBC Gjerde Center - 6:00 - 7:00 pm


Any high school student (public and private) in grades 9-12 is eligible to enter the regional show. Only public school students are eligible for awards, but private students may still receive scholarships.

Entry Limits

Each school may enter a maximum of thirty (30) pieces per art teacher currently working in that school. For example, if ABC High School has one art teacher, that school may enter up to 30 pieces of art in the show. If XYZ High School has two art teachers employed, that school may enter up to 60 pieces of art. If you have any questions regarding entry limits, please contact us at lballard@esd123.org.

Size Limits

The maximum size for hanging artwork is 48” x 60,” including frame and/or matting. Any piece larger than 24” x 36” will be counted as 2 entries.

Judging Process

Artwork is rated based on three categories in alignment with the Washington State Arts K–12 Learning Standards:

  1. Creativity - Artwork demonstrates original thinking and expressive, artistic perceptions.
  2. Composition - Artwork demonstrates a unique and sensitive way of answering artistic problems. It illustrates student understanding of and ability to interpret the elements of art and the principles of design. It makes a unique statement.
  3. Technique - Artwork demonstrates student competency in using the medium to achieve the desired outcome.

In addition: Artwork submitted to the High School Art Show must be completely original

How to Enter

It is up to the discretion of each school’s art teacher(s) which pieces to choose to send to the art show. Artwork that is not acceptable in a school district, due to policy and practice, is not acceptable at the ESD or state level. Art teachers are responsible for complying with their district’s expectations and policy.

Entry Process

  1. Each art teacher chooses the pieces they will send to the show, collaborating with other art teachers in the school as needed.
  2. Teachers sit down with each student and fill out the online form together by February 12, 2020 (see the online form information, entitled “Art Show User Guide,” from OSPI at http://www.k12.wa.us/Arts/ArtShow/).
  3. Teachers and students apply identification labels to each entry and package them for delivery. Teachers gather signatures from students on the release forms from the OSPI website online form. Student releases must be original copies, not faxes.
  4. Teachers are responsible for the delivery/set-up of the artwork at CBC and providing signed releases to art show coordinators by February 20, 2020, between the hours of 1:00-6:00 PM. If you cannot arrive between those hours, please contact us at lballard@esd123.org or 509.544.5740 to schedule a time.

Forms & Paperwork

Online Registration Form

For the High School Art Show, all teachers must submit entries through OSPI’s online system at: https://eds.ospi.k12.wa.us/ArtShow/. If you need access to the application, please contact your district student data manager. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Anne Banks at anne.banks@k12.wa.us or Sarah Davis at sarah.davis@k12.wa.us. Any pieces not entered on the online registration prior to displaying the art at CBC will not be eligible to move on to the state show.

Student Release Form

(printed from OSPI entry form)
In completing the online registration form through OSPI, teachers are prompted to print a Releases & Permissions document at the end of the form. This form must be printed, signed, and submitted to the check-in representative upon arrival at CBC. This release form assists in protecting ESD 123 and OSPI from liability should artwork become damaged or unaccounted for, and helps communicate that a student who does not want to part with his/her artwork should not send the artwork to the state show. Accuracy is of the utmost importance. Please double-check your information. The artwork delivered must match the inventory sheet. No late entries will be accepted.
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